2018 VideoS


LeRon L. Barton | Writer LeRon L. Barton has stuttered since he was a child. Listen as he describes the challenges of having a speech impediment through college, in the workplace, and his personal life.

April Clark | An unlikely partnership between a teacher and a rock star sparked an innovative movement to shake up the classroom. It's time we ditch the textbooks, lectures and multiple choices tests and develop new leaders in education.

Scott Hutcheson | We all know what it means to reminisce, recalling our fondest memories. But did you know we can also reminiscing forward or pre-experience the future before it happens? When we experience prospection something special happens in our brain.

Caroline Self | Caroline Self is a Harvard graduate, reality tv executive producer ("Real Housewives of New Jersey") and former White House staffer, who was raised to leave her hometown of Florence, Alabama in order to find success in the world.

Owen Foster | Find your own tool that always you to help the next generations to become greater than you will ever be. For me, I don't want to give them spoons to feed them information.

Jay Hayes | If you've wondered what it's like to work from home, then this talk is for you. Think it can't work? You be the judge. In this talk, you will hear perspective, experience, and opinion on how remote work works.

Donnie Fritts | Donnie Fritts talks about the Muscle Shoals recording scene in the early 60s and working with 18 year old Arthur Alexander. Donnie Fritts is an American session musician and songwriter.

Matt Thieleman | We find ourselves today in a world of always-on change, fueled by technology. Yet our common humanity remains a constant. To thrive in a changing world, we need mindful leaders, who can connect with others, and remain calm and focused while dealing with complexity and ambiguity around them.

Lisa Keys-Mathews | The world's great problems are not going to be solved by simple solutions. These answers are not multiple choice or yes/no. The world's greatest problems will be solved by people who have practiced the mental gymnastics of creativity combined with problem-solving.